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>>>> P&G ‘Thank you Mom’ TVC makes Sochi Winter Olympics tie-up a hit


As you read this piece, this P&G TVC would have had more than 11 million views. I expect it to ratchet up by a few tens of thousands in the next 20 minutes or so.


It’s always difficult for a multi-brand FMCG company to efficiently leverage their association with a major event. Which brand do they push? Or which few brands do they push?

This must have been the problem faced by P&G when they decided to partner the Sochi Winter Olympics. Two questions:

1. What do they push? Pampers? Duracell? Gillette? Tide?

2. How do they spell out their association with the event?

As this TVC shows, they did nothing predictable.

In answer to the first question, they decided not to plug a single brand and decided to back the communication with the mother brand, P&G. No consumer buys “P&G”; they buy the brands that P&G manufactures and markets.

In answer to the second question, well, they decided to spell out their association with the winter Olympics by an association with winter sports.

To be more precise, by an association with winter sports and, as a consequence, an association with the sportsmen and sportswomen who make the Winter Olympics a success.

And they went a little further, beautifully further, by an association with those who help create the sportsmen and sportswomen.

Their mothers.


Anant Rangaswami 


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