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>>>> Being objective allows us to analyze our problems calmly and deeply, finding a solution for them.

1. The first step for being objective with others is being objective with our selves, accepting things the way they are.

2. Our emotions lead us many time to be subjective, because they come from the most sensitive part of our reasoning. Objectivity comes from the deep and calm search of why something happened, combining emotion and reason.

3. The lack of objectivity comes from focusing in the accidental part of the situations. An objective person is not afraid of facing the truth of what has happened, going to the deepest part of it and being accountable for it.

4. It is recommend never rushing things, specifically when talking about education. For the good of our students, we should develop the habit of asking and consulting about how to improve in our educational abilities.

5. When educating, we should strive for excellence. This will help us in committing people to the project we are heading. Commitment starts with being objective and fair when making decisions.

6. We should cultivate a free spirit for debate. Listening to what others have to say and acknowledging our mistakes will enhance our credibility with our students.

7. Generally, negative feelings are directed to people and not to facts.
8. An objective individual is always liked. He is above himself and this allows him to be warm and magnanimous with others.

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