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>>>> To educate, we need to know how to forgive.

1. Forgiving someone is the highest sign of appreciation we can show for him. Forgiveness is based in accepting everything that happens to us. If we like it, we are thankful; if we do not, we should not pay too much attention to it.

2. Forgiving does not mean you agree with what happened. It means you accept it and you forget it. Resignation is a passive attitude that many times leads to resentment.

3. Being humble does not mean not fulfilling our obligations. It means accepting our capabilities, being positive with what others are and do.

4. The more I forgive the better human being I am. Suffering is not avoided by hardening our hearts. It is the other way around: hardening does not allow me to understand and love. The action of forgiving comes from a calm life full of serenity and fruitful for me and the rest.

5. An objective bad action is the one that we perceive, despite who has done it. The many negative things that we find daily in our lives have the value we want to give them. If we take them in a negative way, they will lead me to resentment. As Max Schler says: “a resentment individual poisons himself”.

6. With time, we forget, but that does not mean we have forgiven. Our memory would be our best teacher for life when it is in peace with our past. This translates into forgiving by the person offended and repairing by the person who offended.

7. Forgiveness enriches our heart, because it enhances our capability to love. If I am fast at forgiving, I will be in a better disposal for understanding others, being able to amend them when it is necessary.

8. Despite forgiving, in many situations things will never come back to their starting point. This is why living our lives thinking always in our neighbors should become a reality.

9. It is very important to listen to the other person, trying to see the situation as he does. This does not mean we will accept the situation, but it will help in not humiliating the other, so his apology will come easier.

10. Now, between these two options, making the right choice is easy. But at the time when facing the difficulty, it is not as easy, although the election should be obvious.


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