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Although good sense could be strictly defined as a virtue, we would like to analyze it through what it is effectively: a value that helps us in acting more consciously when facing the daily situations of our life.

Many times, good sense is so discrete that crosses in front of our eyes inadvertently. We admire people who take the right decisions, giving the impression they are never wrong; who are capable of having success in everything they attack; who stay calm facing tough situations; who are able to keep their composure regardless who they are talking to and never offend anyone. These are the characteristics of good sense: attractive, determined, understandable…  Who can give his back to these qualities saying “no” to making them part of his life?

Good sense is a value that helps us to think things carefully, giving an importance to the effect our words or actions could have. If this is done, we will act accordingly in every circumstance.

First, we need to erase from our minds a wrong image many people have about good sense, thinking it shows a grey personality that hesitates when taking decisions and acting; thinking it represents a human being that is too cautious, looking always to avoid problems. This type of image would definitely make people reject it, getting some to even make fun of it.

The value of good sense can’t be given by the image some people have; it has to be given by the daily actions of someone who has it as the engine that makes his life go. Probably, the hardest part is to keep our calm regardless of the circumstances we face. The vast majority of the mistakes we incur when making decisions, when treating others or when giving our opinion to a group comes from rushing our actions as a reflection of concern, bad mood or lack of the reality we are experiencing.

The lack of good sense will always have, depending on the situation, consequences at all levels: personal, collective… It could mean going to a place just because everybody else goes, without analyzing its consequences; practicing high-risk sports; driving always too fast…

In first place, we need to always take in consideration that our actions should be led to keep everybody around us healthy. This represents a symbol of the respect we have for every human being.

The true life and effort do not relay in extraordinary circumstances: sometimes we say bad things to others just because we got up with the left foot; because we are not capable to understand the mistakes others make; because we just do not like them or because we see them as competitors…
Giving it some thought and making an effort to appreciate things the right way, we would see that in many occasions there is no need to reprimand the worker, the son, the student… so hard; to disagree so loud about an issue at work or at home; that generating a conflict because of giving our opinion about third parties could be avoided. It seems we always look to make problems greater, saying things that later will make us feel sorry. 

Sometimes, when we do not like something, we pretend to act with good sense just to cover our laziness, avoiding the compromises of engaging ourselves in a certain activity or even in a personal relation. How easy is to be selfish pretending to show good sense! This is just a reflection of having a fear to act, to make a decision, to compromise ourselves.

Maybe we have never thought that acting intensively means taking the best use of our time, by fulfilling our obligations and compromises, treating others kindly with a true worry for their welfare… These actions show good sense. Every lack of fulfilling our obligations and the inconsistence to do it show a lack of knowledge of the role we should develop by ourselves and can’t be done by others.

Good sense leads us to the wise administration of our budget, to take care of our belongings so they are always in good conditions and ready to be used, to keep ourselves in a good physical, mental and spiritual status.

There is no doubt experience is an important factor in acting and making better decisions, keeping us alert of what is happening around us, enhancing our capacity of observing and analyzing. This allows us to be a step ahead of the circumstances, knowing if we should expect success or failure in every action or project we attack.

Having good sense does not mean be certain of not making a mistake. It is the other way around: the individual who has good sense has made many mistakes, but has developed the capability to learn from them and to acknowledge his limitations. It is very important to know when to amend something, asking for forgiveness and advice.

The value of good sense makes us have a fair and generous treatment towards our neighbors. It builds on us a strong, secure and perseverant personality that is capable of compromising to generate confidence and stability amongst those who surround us, making them know we can lead them through secure paths.

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