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>>>> Accept and understand suffering gets us closer to others.

1. A man who has not suffered has not lived. An individual that puts the focus of his life in hiding from any kind of painful situation won’t be capable of understanding others. Educating through painful situations will mean teaching our students to accept reality, sacrifices, effort and the bad breaks that life will always offer us.

2. We should learn to see the positive side of failure and uncomfortable situations. We should always believe in the good intention of people doing something wrong, trying to find a way to help them, so they can rectify their actions.

3. Experience a painful situation is very hard. That is why we should always support somebody who is going through it. The most efficient way to do it is by sharing his feelings, being with him, listening to him, dedicating time to him…

4. Compassion moves us to accompany those who suffer by understanding and helping them. If necessary, compassion also means demanding, amending and giving advice. Sentimentalism remains only in the external part. It is superficial and does not dig into the true things that have cause suffering. That is why a superficial individual never gets committed to help the person who is going through a painful time.

5. Sacrifice lights what everybody has inside. The necessity of making an effort and having high expectations helps the individual in achieving actions he never thought he could. Effort is an excellent thermometer of the size of the hearth of every human being.

6. True freedom relays in owning ourselves, being capable of leaving all the unnecessary necessities we have created: image we want to get across, search for pleasure, avoiding difficult situations… This internal process will require a strong capability for sacrificing and quitting many things we like or enjoy.

7. We should foster our sense of solidarity to avoid becoming selfish because of internal or external misfortunes. That is why we should be ready “to complicate our lives to help others”, because, at the end, this attitude will fill our existence.

8. We should stimulate the value of generosity towards those people who suffer, encouraging our students and children to compromise themselves in activities that require volunteers to alleviate others’ pain.

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