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>>>> Good sense: don’t do it if it’s not convenient, don’t say if it’s not true.

1. Good sense is the essential moral value because it rules the way people act. Therefore, it helps choosing the right ways of acting.

2. Moral values are those who give people the necessary tools for self-governing themselves. Good sense’s main characteristic is to provide the individual with the capability of deliberating, judging and deciding.

3. We should cultivate it in ourselves and help others cultivate the disposal to know the truth and be coherent with it, despite the sacrifices that need to be done to do it. It is a key in this process to teach our students to accept themselves as they are instead of in how they would like to be.

4. Accepting advices means being humble to accept what we are being told, giving up our opinions and preferences. We could only get these habits across if before have made them part of our own way of acting.

5. If it is the result of a good sense advice, courage will mean putting to work those necessary actions to achieve the goal that has been presented as something good to us. To educate in courage we would need to teach our students to develop their will to improve and their self-dominance capability.

6. Being objective comes from applying good sense to certain situations. This will demand a deep analysis of the facts, allowing us to apply the right steps to help our students and children in their educational growth.

7. To be able to make decisions, we must have well-formed criteria. Educating our students and children in this area means teaching them to ask for advice, to always speak sincerely, to be humble, to develop a capability for analyzing things and situations…

8. Having a critical spirit, which does not mean only looking at the negative side of things, should help us in enhancing the knowledge of the situations. We should teach them to learn always by paying attention and distinguishing people from the actions (be critical to the action but not to the individual).

9. We should give advice to our students, letting them make the decision. They should understand that having received advice do not exempt them from the responsibility of the decision they make. This will help them to grow in maturity, being more consequent with the way they think and act.

10. Good sense is a very social value, because it means actions and relations with others. An individual who has good sense is calm, entrepreneur, comprehensive and is ready to collaborate in those activities that can help improving our society.


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