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>>>> Gratitude: a sign of individual growth.

One of the human qualities that shows in a greater way maturity and psychological health is the tendency of a person to be grateful. The human being needs the rest of people. To make things happen in life it is necessary to get support from others. Coexisting is defined as living with others, and we do that daily.

The capacity to show gratitude is directly related with the ability of a person to give him self. A given person opens his life to the others and therefore is grateful. So, when in a relationship between people who love each other (father and son, coach and player, teacher and student) the words rights and duties come out, watch out!, something is wrong. Why? Because the essence of the relationship, giving to the one we love, is being mistreated and we can point that there is a lack of gratitude.

A well educated and formed person always shows gratitude. This makes the one receiving it much happier, strengthening the human tying. Showing gratitude to parents is a proof of tender. Showing gratitude to God is a celebration that comes from the deepest part of our heart. Showing gratitude to others means our eyes are open to the world’s necessities and our hearts are humble. The world needs a good amount of gratitude towards others and less complaints. We should ask for those things we need, but without forgetting we should always be thankful for the things received.

 We should start being thankful at our family environment, showing gratitude for the things each component of the family does for me. I should also give my best to keep everyone happy in the daily life, treating in the best way I can my neighbours, partners and the society in general. Showing gratitude for the good things received makes the one giving a desire to do it again.

Having a gratitude feeling is not enough. It should be expressed, which becomes a very hard task for people who are selfish, vain and arrogant, people who have not put humbleness to work. But this is not an excuse for not showing gratitude. We should not say “I am not being grateful, because no one is being thankful to me” or “because no one is going to notice it”.

Even if it is going to generate us a problem with the person doing us a favour, we should always be grateful. Sincere gratitude gestures are not simple acts of politeness; they are true gestures of love and education.

Gratefulness is shown when a person feels in debt with someone else, because this one has done something good to or for him, giving him a gift or a service.

Grateful people are happy with the good things received, recognize them and are ready to correspond. It is not about exchanging favours or exchanging presents, it is about feeling and expressing gratitude and admiration for the human quality of the people offering us with their gifts.

Everyone has a lot of things to be grateful for. Taking care of the things received is an evident way of showing our appreciation.

Gratitude and appreciation are the best gifts that a person can receive despite the period of time or the place of the world where he lives.  

To be grateful

a. Admit that we need the others.

b. Recognize what others do well.

c. Include in our daily vocabulary words and expressions of gratitude.

d. Accept that many of the good things we have are the result of something good others have done for us: love, protection, knowledge…

e. A grateful person always shows a smile. Constantly smiling is hard, but shows a special state of our soul. A person who smiles is a reliable and grateful person.

f. Let’s avoid resentments and complaints about situations or people. Everything changes when we accept the truth of things.

a. Ingratitude shows arrogance and selfishness. Sometimes ingratitude shows bad intentions.

b. An ungrateful person forgets or seems to forget the good others do. 

c. He is so used to obtain always the best for him that is very hard for him to recognize other’s merits. 

d. Instead of inspire gratitude in him, the favors he receives inspire resentment.

e. Ingratitude could come from an oversight, from having developed an average spirit.

This specific case -although there are not bad intentions- produces a sour feeling in those trying to do something good without obtaining anything in return, because they do not see even a small sign of appreciation in the other’s part.
Obstacles for showing gratitude

a. Vanity is an obstacle that does not allow many people to recognize the achievements others have reached.

b. Finding mistakes on everything. This does not allow us to recognize the value of a big effort and the merits of a well-done work.

c. Jealousy and resentment: make us perceive the good others do to us as an insult.

d. The lack of humbleness and greatness make us see gratitude as a way of showing weakness.



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