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>>>> Others need our gratitude.

1. A grateful person never looks the favor he has received; he looks at the love and effort made by the person doing the favor.

2. For a solid coexistence is fundamental to focus in doing something good to others. Showing gratitude is a key part of this process.

3. A generous person has a greater capacity to show gratitude than the person who lives isolated in his own world.

4. Showing gratitude should never be a tactic or something we do mechanically. Gratitude can be shown in many ways: doing a favor, stopping a conversation in which someone is being criticized, correcting a negative attitude…

5. Maturity and interior growth are reinforced by someone that is living always thinking first in the people and the world that surrounds him.

6. A grateful person never has enemies. He forgets everything easily and accepts everyone.

7. Demanding people the best they can give is always uncomfortable and hard. We should then know how to show gratitude to the people that dedicated us their time, forming us and making us better human beings.

8. The constant fight for our rights and duties in a natural coexistence environment only tires our spirit and makes our character rougher. A given person is happier and makes everybody around him happier as well.

9. A person who tries to be kind and grateful is also happier and also makes everybody else happier.

10. A sincere smile brings us closer to people. Constantly smiling is a great way to show gratitude.


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