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>>>> Sports journalist Tomàs Martínez Pés: “Leading by example is the best way to get things across”
Despite his young age, Tomàs Martínez Pés is one of the top soccer analysts in the Spanish media. In the following interview, he talks about how he got started in journalism as well as the values attached to the sport he loves.


Why did you decide to pursue a career attached to sports?

I have always liked sports overall. Since I was little, I was fascinated by events like the Summer Olympic Games. Once a teenager I noticed the best way to get into sports was journalism. I love using sports to tell stories. Besides, sports also allow you to touch other subjects, like history and geography following the European competitions for example.

When you started college, had you already selected sports above everything else?

Not exactly, I was open to other items: culture, politics, literature… I liked a global vision of things, but little my little my career led to sports.

How did you get started professionally? Was it tough to face a microphone for the first time?

Being very young I started doing things on my own. When I was 17 or 18 using the digital world, I started writing to see if I liked it. In 2012 I started working at a local radio and that was really helpful. I followed Barcelona team Sant Andreu and the experience was great. Despite being a humble squad, Sant Andreu advanced quite far in the King’s Cup and ended up playing powerhouse Atlético Madrid. Facing the microphone was not easy at the beginning, but you gain confidence pretty fast.  

Who has been a referent in your professional life?

Although he is not working on the matter right now, soccer wise, Gabi Ruiz from Movistar Plus was a solid referent for me. I admired how he focused in the sport side of things, without being distracted by everything that makes noise around the game.

What is your best memory related to sports?

I do not know if it is the best one, but I really liked following Sant Andreu on local radio. I do not know how many people listened to us, but the interviews, the games and traveling to Madrid to face Atlético was great. We traveled with a very small party to a big stadium after losing 4-0 in the first leg game at home. Sant Andreu led for a while 1-0 at Madrid against a team that finished second in the Champions League that year (2014). Although our squad lost 2-1 at the end, it was quite an achievement and it was an incredible experience to communicate it on the radio.

And what would be your best memory outside of sports?

It was great to travel all over Central Europe with my college friends when we finished our careers. We visited Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Poland...

Which three values would you highlight in soccer and why?

I would say empathy because it is very important to understand your teammates and group management nowadays is a must. Effort is also a key. You have to give everything you have, especially in a collective sport. Finally, I would highlight compromise. A team fights for a common goal and the whole group is responsible of finding the way to achieve it.

Which athlete would you highlight for his values?  

Former FC Barcelona defenseman Carles Puyol emphasized the three values I just appointed. He was a referent, a player who spoke with his actions. I think there is no better way to get across something than leading by example.

Besides the technical, tactical and physical aspects of the game, what else should a coach teach?

I think in today’s world of sports the biggest asset for a coach is his ability to handle people and get them all on the same page to achieve something. Coaches must integrate different characters and create an environment where there is a good relationship, and that is not easy. In youth sports, coaches should also get across values to the kids, teaching them a path to achieve their goals.

What would you recommend to those starting to get into sports?

I think the most important thing is to enjoy what you do. There should be a passion and a will to achieve something. I would also highlight the importance of making friends. Everything is about team effort and if you like the people you have to work with, things will be much easier.  


Born in 1994, Tomàs Martínez Pés got his journalism degree at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He started working at a local Barcelona radio, following modest soccer team Sant Andreu all over Spain, including the historical run in the 2014 King’s Cup that ended up in Madrid against powerhouse Atlético. Currently he analyzes international soccer for beIN, Radio Marca and Movistar Plus. He also writes for Internet platform and has a section on international soccer at Catalan radio station Rac1.


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