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>>>> José Venancio López: “Sports are a way of giving importance to some things we have lost nowadays, like enhancing direct people relations”
After achieving everything as futsal coach, José Venancio López was named Spain’s futsal technical director. In the following interview, he explains to us the importance of values in this worldwide growing sport.


How did you get started as futsal coach?

It was kind of a coincidence. I was playing in the school where I was studying and the Under-16 team needed a coach… So I got started. 

How do you value everything achieved in this sport?

Of course I value it in a very positive way. Everything I have achieved is related with the day I became a coach. 

Futsal is an excellent sport to promote values, isn’t it? 

Yes, I think it is, although all sports have their positive side. All of them represent a superb way of getting values across. I think the key is the coach. His or her players will learn what he or she teaches them. The coach is the one getting those values across to the players.

Which three values would you highlight above the rest?

Individually, I would highlight effort and perseverance. But we are talking about a team sport, so I think also the ability to work together is very, very important.

Who would you appoint as a referent person in your career?

It would be unfair to only mention one person. I have learnt from many, from different ways of thinking and acting.

What is your best memory outside sports?

People say it is a topic, but I do not agree… My best memory is the day I became a father.  

A pastime away from sports…


What advice would you give to those kids that are getting started in sports?

I would tell them to face it as a way of coexisting with others and developing relationships. Cognitive learning will help them academically, but the most important side of sports is the social part. They will learn to give importance to those things we have lost nowadays. Kids interrelate with mobile phones and social networks, while sports will give them the chance to develop direct relationships with other kids.

How would you like to be remembered?

Well, to tell you the truth I have not thought about it and it does not worry me too much. 

What would you like to tell the world in our Twitter account?

First of all, I do not have a Twitter account. I would tell the world that we need to fight using empathy to be more understanding, that our community should be based in relationships and that we need to try to make our community more humanly oriented.


Rafa Cervera


José Venancio López was born in Bilbao on June 27th of 1964. He played goalkeeper for Leioa and started coaching in the late eighties with Leioa, Castro, Lobelle Santiago and Caja Segovia, where he won one Spanish league, three King’s Cups a European championship and one intercontinental title. Admired worldwide as a futsal coach, he was hired by Team Guatemala in 2003. Four years later he was appointed Team Spain’s head coach.

With Spain, Venancio won four times the nations European championship in Portugal (2007), Hungary (2010), Croatia (2012) and Serbia (2016) and finished in second place in the World Cups held in Brazil (2008) and Thailand (2012). In July of 2018, he was named futsal technical director of the Spanish Royal Soccer Federations, where he oversees the national teams and the overall growth of futsal in the country.


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