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>>>> Sports broadcaster Ángel García: “My father has influenced my life more than anyone else and he has done it in the best possible way: leading by example”
Very few people explain the game of tennis as he does, but Ángel García’s work goes way beyond that. Cadena COPE’s sports announcer answers our questionnaire directly, highlighting family values.


How did you get started in sports journalism?

It is very simple. I wanted to get together my two passions: sports and radio. It was a little tough, but I can’t complain. I studied a career that did not help much and interned a lot without getting paid, but I finally made it, making all possible mistakes in a great learning process to end up getting my first full-time job at Cadena SER.

How do you evaluate all these years broadcasting sports?

Unbeatable! I have witnessed all those deeds I saw in television when I was a kid. I have traveled, worked with the pros and met top world athletes. I dreamed with going to the Olympic Games and I have covered two of them live… Again, unbeatable!

What is your best sports memory?

Witnessing Rafa Nadal’s career very closely has been incredible, but I would say broadcasting my first Olympic medal which was won by swimmer Mireia Belmonte. It was the women 200 meters butterfly event in the London 2012 Games. Everything that surrounded this accomplishment was great. She was confident going into the race. It was very, very exciting… I will never forget the post-event interview either.

Inside sports who is a referent person for you and why?

I actually look for referent people outside sports (like my father and my best friend). Anyway, I would say Rafa Nadal. I would sum it up with the following phrase: he has achieved things outside a tennis court as important as the things he has done playing the game with no one noticing them. That speaks for itself about how humble a champion like Nadal could be.

You know Nadal personally, how is him outside the tennis courts?

I know him as much as a journalist can know an athlete, and that means with some distance. But he is just like you would imagine: close, humble and a hard worker. Nadal is a person that influences the community to the extent his profession allows him to do.

What are sports three most important values?

Like in any other life aspect, the three most important values are hope, hope and hope. Well to describe it better: hope, effort and self-esteem: dream, work and trust yourself.

What advice would you give to young people?

Dream, work and trust yourself.

What is the most important value your parents taught you?

They taught me to persevere. They worked very hard to give my brother and me everything we needed.

Who is the person that has influenced your life the most and how?

My father and he did it in the best possible way: leading by example.

What do you need to be happy?

I do not need much. I need to wake up and see my wife and my child next to me, both of them being healthy.

How would you like to be remembered?

Well, well, better if I am not remembered outside my family. I would like them to remember me as a happy human being.

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"We are here to laugh about destiny, to live our life as intense as to make death shake when its time to welcome us arrive", Charles Bukowski. 


Before arriving to Cadena COPE, Ángel García worked in Telebahía, Europa Press, Radio Marca and Cadena SER. Besides being one of the top tennis experts in Spanish radio, he has broadcasted all sort of events including boules, curling and synchronized swimming, where he announced two Olympic medals won by Spain. A family man, Ángel has covered three Olympic Games, including the last two (London 2012 and Rio 2016) on site. 


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