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>>>> Journalist Toni Padilla: “For me, sports have been a learning academy”
Toni Padilla is currently one of the most recognized figures in sports journalism in Spain. Focusing in soccer, Padilla has developed as one of the top sports historians of the country, which makes it really interesting for us to learn more about his personal life through our questionnaire.


Talking about sports, who is a referent for you and why?

I do not have a specific one. But if I need to choose, I would say Argentinean tennis player Juan Martín del Potro. Injuries have devastated him, but he has not quit.

What is your best memory related to sports?

I have two types of memories. The ones experienced as a fan and the ones lived as a journalist. Of the first kind I would say the day my team, Sabadell, defeated Eibar to reach Spain’s Division II in 2011. As a journalist, I would highlight covering the World Cup.

What are the three most important values in sports?

I do not like doing lists, because I always leave important things out of them… I would say hard work, team effort and self-improvement.

What are the most important things sports have taught you?

Sports have been a learning academy for me. They allowed me to meet people that have inspired me. They have helped me opening doors that were closed before. I have learnt a lot. Good thing and bad things, because some times sports, like life, are pretty dirty as well.

What advice would you give to young people?

Work hard and do not depend of fortune, although luck many times plays a role. Anyway, do not depend on being lucky. If you work hard and things do not go your way, you would know you gave your best.

What is the most important value your parents taught you?

Work, work and work, especially when things do not go your way.

Who is the person who has influenced your life the most and how?

It would not be fair to say only one. All paths are long and many people come your way to help you. Anyway, if I would need to choose one, I would say my wife. She has given peace and has taught work is not everything in life.

What do you need to be happy?

To feel the child that lives inside me has a good relationship with the adult that I am. To know that if I dedicate long hours it is to something I like. Also, I would need my wife’s presence.

How would you like to be remembered?

It is impossible to be remembered in a specific way. The same actions are judge differently by different people. I would be happy if I am remembered some years after I have died. That would mean something worked out in my life.

What would you like to say to the world? Write a tweet for our Twitter. You have 140 characters.

Life is just a couple of days, so try to be positive. Do not pay much attention to what others say. Work hard to live from those things that make you happy. And if you can improve what we have right now, do it.         


Paco Virues


Toni Padilla (Sabadell, 1997) is currently one of the most important recognized figures in sports journalism in Spain. He works as a soccer analyst for GOL, Bein Sports, LaLiga TV International, RAC 1 and the Panenka Magazine. He is also the sports editor of newspaper Diari ARA. With more than 20 years of experience on the field, he has covered many World Cups and Eurocups, which remarks his credibility as a soccer expert. 


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