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>>>> Soccer coach Javier Casquero: “Persistence is the way. If you want to achieve it, you will”
After a 20-season career as a soccer player, Javier Casquero knows very well to compete at the very top level. He answers our questionnaire about life outside the world of sports.


What is the most important value your parents taught you?

Many, but above all to try to be a good person

Nowadays who is a referent for you and why?

Rafa Nadal, because he transmits all the values an athlete should have: respect, hard work, sacrifice...

Who is the person who has influenced your life the most and how?

My father, who was also a soccer player. I need to thank him. He really made me work to achieve things.

Outside of sports, what is the best thing that has happened to you in life?

The birth of my daughters

What are the three most important values in sports?

Teamwork, sacrifice and sportsmanship

What is the most important thing sports have given you?

Memories and long-term relationships with my former teammates

Your favorite pastime away from sports

Go to watch my daughter play

What advice would you give to young athletes?

Persistence is the way. If you want to achieve it, you will.

What do you need to be happy?

Not much: a calm environment and feel well in the inside

How would you like to be remembered?

More than for being a good or a bad player, I would like to be remembered as a good man

What would you like to tell the world? You have 140 characters.

Let’s be happy. Let’s live peacefully. Life is really good to be lived. 


Paco Virues


After growing as a player in Real Madrid’s development system, Javier Casquero started his professional career in 1994 playing for several top squads like Sevilla, Getafe or Sporting Gijón. A midfielder who loved to cover ground and had a great outside shot, he is one of the most recognized Spanish players of the early years of the new century. Currently, Casquero is a head coach and also works as color commentator in soccer television broadcasts.


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