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>>>> Do I agree good sense sets the tone for happiness?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I agree good sense is the moral value that functions as the basement for all other values?                   
2Do I agree a high part of my educational task relays in forming people around this value?                   
3Do I agree knowing the truth as it is provides the first step towards acting the right way?                   
4Giving advice is part of the good sense value. Do I agree that to give advice, first I need to learn how to accept the advice given to me?                   
5Good sense and courage are two values that come together. Do I agree looking for the good and accepting it is not compatible with cowardice?                   
6Do I agree being objective provides me with an essential educational tool?                   
7Do I educate my students so they have firm criteria and principles?                   
8A way of maturing is to live under a positive critical spirit. Do I promote amongst my students a healthy and flexible way of being critical?                   
9Do I teach my students to assume the consequences of their actions, regardless if they have asked previously for other people’s advice?                   
10Do I agree people who take care daily of the good sense virtue are more willing to assume obligations and compromises?                   
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